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About us

Our mission is to assist Greater Cincinnati residents achieve a healthier and comfortable indoor environment.


Our commitment

What drives our business is a commitment to sound scientific principles and methods.

At Habitat Environmental, we have put together a technical support team that includes the finest microbiology, industrial hygiene and specialty laboratories in the country.

As we greatly value our clients, we dedicate our efforts to provide the highest level of service quality and customer care. 

Let us, the professionals, do the work.

Clearly there are numerous factors that threaten to degrade indoor air quality. Proper testing, analysis, and remediation of various pollutants or human stressors in the home or office building can result in health improvement, productivity, and well-being. Do not allow unqualified contractors to evaluate issues that might affect your health.

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(513) 206-3033 

Habitat Environmental, LLC is an environmental health and safety consulting firm devoted to address indoor air quality problems in residential and commercial properties. We provide assessments of pollutants in the indoor environment, and engineer effective solutions to our clients.


The firm’s lead consultant, Javier Ortega, has a professional experience of more than two decades working as a microbiologist, environmental health researcher, environmental toxicologist, laboratory manager, environmental consultant, and industrial hygiene practitioner [click here to see professional profile].  His solid academic and professional background in chemistry, microbiology and exposure assessment,  the core disciplines used to identify, assess and control environmental health hazards, guarantees delivery of superior quality services.