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Indoor environmental issues can affect nearly every type of human habitats; schools, office buildings, hospitals and home. These issues can be expensive and inconvenient, but more importantly, they can affect your health

After servicing the Great Cincinnati Area for more than a decade, we understand the broad range of indoor air quality issues that can affect people and property

We offer our customers advise, project managing, and mold testing to provide accurate assessments and effective solutions to indoor environmental issues

1.    Convenience.  We are the only company in the tristate area that  provides consulting and an in-house mold testing laboratory services by an expert microbiologist. These capabilities  allow us to provide timely assessments, enabling our customers to achieve effective solutions to their indoor air quality issues.  

Why you should use our services

2.   Unique Expertise. Our consultants have the analytical skills and graduate degrees in disciplines such as microbiology, chemistry, and environmental health to recognize and document indoor hazards.  Such expertise allows us to deliver accurate indoor assessments based on known science, with the highest quality standards.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions. Habitat Environmental designs independent remediation plans for mold removal. The plan describes the scope of work, providing detailed instructions to accomplishing an efective mold abatement.  Mold removal can be expensive, so it is crucial to have a remediation plan formulated by an independent contractor, which will be used to communicate the remediation contractor what is required in precise terms. This written plan can be used to bidding for the abatement work as It ensures that all bidders are pricing the exact same work. This process may save users a substantial amount of money with the certainty that the job has been properly achieved.